Adding Taxonomies to your project is as easy as adding Post Types.

$taxonomy = register_cuztom_taxonomy( $name, $post_type, $args );

(string|array) Name of the Taxonomy. When using an array, the first element will be the name, the second will be the plural.

(string|array) Post Type(s) to attach the Taxonomy to.

(array) Arguments for the taxonomy. See here for the complete list of arguments.


With Cuztom, you can pass some extra arguments to the Taxonomy object.

Used to make a admin column sortable (show_admin_column must be true)

Used to make a admin column filterable (show_admin_column must be true)


Add Term Meta

You can use a method to add Term Meta. See the docs for more information. NOTE: Versions < 3.0 don't use Wordpress core functions to register and add Term Meta.

$taxonomy->add_term_meta( $data, $locations );


Taxonomy with admin columns

Add a taxonomy with sortable and filterable columns (in the Post Type table).

$genre = register_cuztom_taxonomy(
        'show_admin_column'     => true,
        'admin_column_sortable' => true,
        'admin_column_filter'   => true